Teaching Is... Moments That Inspire and Motivate Teachers To Make A Difference

Book photo is for illustrative purposes only. Actual book measures 5 inches X 5 inches.


Veteran educator Marjan Glavac’s latest book gives new meaning to the concept of the “teachable moment”.  His collection of personal and inspirational affirmations are guaranteed to connect with anyone who has dedicated their lives to students in a classroom. 

For every educator who has felt frustrated, unappreciated, and overwhelmed, Teaching Is… reinforces the power of teachers to inspire, motivate, and make a difference. 

This small book with a big message goes beyond the curriculum, celebrating what true education is all about.  New teachers will be reassured by the personal wisdom of an experienced educator who has walked the path before them; veteran teachers will feel refreshed and invigorated by the unbounded optimism and truthful insight. 

This book is for every educator at any stage of their career. 

For parents and students who wish to acknowledge and thank the dedicated teachers who have made an impact with their caring guidance, Teaching Is... is the perfect and lasting gift. 

Read.  Enjoy.  And share it with those who have made a difference in your life.



About the Author

Marjan Glavac is a best-selling author, speaker, and experienced educator with more than 29 years of classroom teaching experience.  He is the winner of seven prestigious awards for his work including the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence, and the Roberta Bondar Award for Science and Technology.  Glavac’s first book, The Busy Educator’s Guide to the World Wide Web is used by educators across Canada and the United States.  Teaching Is… is Marjan Glavac’s fourth book. Contact Marjan for more information: marjan@glavac.com





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